Bouldering Basics for Beginner Climbers

Bouldering, my favorite type of rock climbing, is a sport in which you climb to a max height of about 20 feet with no rope or harness.  This type of climbing also requires the least amount of gear which makes it perfect for beginner climbers.  For the most part... Read More ››

3 Feet: A Law To Protect Cyclists in Some States, a GREAT Idea Everywhere Else

When you’re driving in your car, what’s your definition of the “safe distance” you should maintain between your vehicle and the cyclist you’re about to pass by on your right? A) Two feet? B) One foot C) As close as you can get without hitting the idiot who shouldn’t even... Read More ››

Bicycle Pumps: You Get What You Pay For

Let me start by saying that I’m not just frugal, I’m cheap. I’ve got long underwear from ’90s, camping gear from the ’80s and t-shirts that should have been retired to the rag bag years ago. As much as I love road cycling, I have to admit that I’ve... Read More ››

#JamesOnTheAt Week 2 Update: 100 miles in!

It’s Patriot’s Day in New England and while most of the region’s attention is focused on the Boston Marathon and the traditional Red Sox game, it’s just another day on the Appalachian Trail for James Willette from our Peterborough, NH store. When I last heard from James, he was... Read More ››

5 Ways To Avoid Running Injuries

From sprains, breaks and muscle pulls to cramps, jams and scrapes, I’ve experienced my fair share of aches and pains from athletic activity over the years. Of all the setbacks I’ve ever had, the injury that stands out as the most painful and the most frustrating is shin splints.... Read More ››

Best Heart Rate Monitors for Road Running

If you’re thinking about getting a heart rate monitor, get ready to be swamped by a dizzying array of options ranging from $59 to $550.  WHICH ONE IS RIGHT FOR ROAD RUNNING? Well, we’ve prepared a detailed article on to help you understand the different features but if... Read More ››

#JamesOnTheAT: 3 Days In, Ready to Drop Weight

Two weeks ago, I posted the photo below to our Facebook page showing what James Willette from our Peterborough, NH store was thinking about bringing along on his 5-7 month journey on the Appalachian Trail. While some folks wondered where his pack was and what he was bringing for... Read More ››

Meet Polar Guide and World Record Holder Doug Stoup in Our Haverford, PA Store!

MEET DOUG STOUP Wednesday, May 7 5pm – 8pm EMS Haverford, PA 525 West Lancaster Avenue (610) 520-8000 FREE autographed poster to all who attend! On December 24, 2013 19-year old explorer Parker Liautaud left the coast of Antarctica bound for the South Pole in a ski expedition called The... Read More ››

Best Paddling Accessories for Comfort in the Cockpit

Whether you’re goal is adventure or serenity, a few hours in a kayak can put a  grin on your face from start to finish. Unless of course, you’re not comfortable for one reason or another. As we look ahead to warmer days and our first paddling trips of the season, I... Read More ››

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