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Gadget Guru Review: Costa Del Mar 580 Lens


One of the biggest sunglasses brands in the Southeast (they’re from Florida), Costa Del Mar has partnered with Eastern Mountain Sports to grow their business in the Northeast, and after looking at the world through their “580 Lenses”, it... Read More »

Having a blast in NYC

Having a blast in NYC

Paddling / Rock Climbing

So you know that feeling when the storm is approaching, you can sense every particle in the atmosphere seemingly charging itself up to unleash the awesome power it has in waiting?  That basically explains the past five days of... Read More »

We are Warriors

We are Warriors


There I am standing at the red starting tape, soaking wet. The rain is pouring and the thunder is rumbling. I keep telling myself that the flashes I see are cameras and not lightening. The average high for Amesbury,... Read More »

Prepping for a Bouldering Comp in Pictures

Rock Climbing

Bringing the first-ever rock climbing competition to Central Park in New York City is a huge undertaking on a lot of levels. Since photos of conference rooms, Excel spreadsheets, and PowerPoint presentations are less than scintillating, I thought I’d... Read More »

Gadget Guru Review: More Solar! Introducing the Powermonkey Extreme


Our goal at Eastern Mountain Sports SoHo is to become a leading force in awesome gadgetry for anybody going on global adventures, whether it be climbing Everest, sailing on an eco-friendly ship to clean the Great Pacific Garbage Patch,... Read More »

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