5 Gifts for Commuters

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5 Gifts for Commuters

I thankfully get to commute via bicycle (check out gifts for bike commuters here) but I know most people’s workdays include two long, arduous car or subway rides. Chances are one of these people is on your holiday shopping list which means you have a golden opportunity to make the most dreadful part of their day a little bit nicer.


Getting caught in the rain can be fun when on the weekends, but it’s never a good thing during the daily grind. Hook your commuter up with a portable umbrella. Wind tunnel tested, this one is excellent for windy cities, weighs only 12 oz. and collapses down to just under a foot for easy storage. 

Travel Mug

Coffee or tea, this travel mug is a good fit for any commuter. Keeps drinks hot for up to 6 hours and is easy to open with one hand. Best of all, it will fit just as easily into a bike cage as it will in a car cup holder for weekend fun.


This one is for those car commuters. Some cars have more than one adapter outlet, but for those that don’t or for gadgety commuters, this adapter will prove a worthy addition for commutes. Maximize charging time with two ports that are equipped for phone charging as well as charging of larger electronics like an iPad.

Tied, not tangled

For aforementioned gadget nuts or even just your everyday headphone wearer these gear ties are a time and frustration saver. These little guys will keep headphones, USB cords, laptop cords and any other kind of wiry things in check – which is a great thing for train commuters vying for those coveted outlets.

clip case

Keep it together

Chances are pretty good that your beloved commuter carries quite a bit of stuff back and forth with them each day. There’s also a good chance that they have little interest in trying to remember where they put their phone or digging through all their stuff to find it. The Nite Ize Sideways Clip Case is a great solution, keeping their phone and some cards or cash readily available. They can clip it to their belt or one of the straps on their bags and never have to worry about losing the little things again.


How do you commute? What gear keeps you happy while on the go?
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