5 Gifts for Men With Serious Scruff

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5 Gifts for Men With Serious Scruff

This past spring I started dating my current boyfriend (who are none of the men featured above, as handsome as they may be) and it just so happens that he comes with a pretty gnarly beard. My grandpa has a beard. My dad has a beard. My uncle has a beard. There are so many bearded men in my life that I got to thinking about what a bearded man might like to receive as a gift. After consulting with a few of my beloved bearded fellows (and adding in my personal thoughts as to what completes a man with some hair on his face), this is what I’ve got for you gift hunters.

Smokin’ hot flannel

Flannel shirts. Girls love them. Guys love them. Girls love guys who wear them (yes this is a sweeping generalization, but has some truth to it).  If your guy is heading down the road of looking like a lumberjack beard first, then help him along with some stylin’ flannel.

Manly man hat

Awesome beard: check. Awesome shirt: check. Awesome hat: we’ve got that too. The EMS Convoy Beanie comes in three different color choices so you can pick whichever suits your guy best. I may also add that they coordinate quite well with the Rangeley Flannels shirts.

Swiss Army Knife

What man doesn’t need a Swiss Army knife? Even if your bearded fellow isn’t a super outdoorsman, they’re great to have handy. The Huntsman version covers all the basics so he can be sure to cut, unscrew, and pop a cold brew whenever he pleases (also great for bearded guys with girlfriends who may prefer wine).

Wash it away

Let’s get down to the dirty business. Bearded men know how to play hard and as a result can bring home a good amount of dirt at the end of the day. The All Terrain Grime Bar Soap is equipped to handle whatever dirt comes its way. Great for outdoors or at home, this bar of soap is biodegradable and brings the extra cleansing powers of peppermint and pumice to the sink.

Warm toes

Chilly feet aren’t fun for anyone. Having multiple pairs of Smartwool socks myself, I can attest to the fact that they are durable, cool in the summer, and most importantly toasty in the winter. These Smartwool Mountaineer Socks will ensure that whichever guy you’re buying for will have feet as warm as his hairy face!


Who’s your favorite bearded guy of all time? Tell me about it along with any gift ideas you think would work for men with whiskers.
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