5 Gifts for People Who Love to Organize

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5 Gifts for People Who Love to Organize

Everyone has a neat freak (I use this in the most endearing way) in their lives who loves to organize everything from clothes to tupperware. I’m pretty neat and tidy myself, but I live with two ULTRA organizers who were the inspiration for this gift list. You don’t have to arrange your socks by color to appreciate these ideas. They’re great for all organizers of all levels of attentiveness to detail, whether they’re travelling for business or simply heading to the gym.


Pack it (neatly of course)

I actually received this as a gift one Christmas and was psyched! Not only was it fun to speculate what the heck that huge package was in the days leading up to Christmas, but it has turned out to be an awesome piece of luggage. The Osprey Meridian 22 Wheeled Luggage is a two for one deal. Aside from the main piece, there is a removable daypack. The main luggage has plenty of extra pockets for packing socks/underwear, workout clothes, and even a pair of flat shoes (like flip flops or ballet flats) can sneak in on the side. The daypack also has more than enough little compartments to satisfy any organizer.

Compartmentalize it

The Sea to Summit Travelling Light Garment Mesh Bag makes packing fast and compartmentalized. Bags come in small, medium, or large and fold flat when not in use.  Your organizer will happy to reach his or her destination with neat, wrinkle free clothes!

Gotta keep ‘em separated

This is one that I could definitely use (I’m sure many other organizers can sympathize and would love one too!). I can guarantee that I’ll be bringing at least two pairs of shoes with me wherever I go because I never leave without my running shoes (whether I get around to using them is sometimes a different story). Running shoes smell and get dirty. Bottom line, all shoes do. Help your organizer keep dirty and clean separate with the Eagle Creek Pack-It Shoe Cube.

Travel documents made easy

For organizers (or maybe more necessary for the disorganized-would-lose-their-head-if-it-wasn’t-attached type) that are looking to travel in the new year, the Eagle Creek Travel Agent is the perfect send off gift. This is THE way to organize all of those tickets and paperwork seamlessly in one place no matter the destination.  If they didn’t know where it was before, they will when they unwrap this guy.

Genie in a bottle (or maybe just shampoo…)

The Nalgene Bottle Kit is a net freak’s dream. It comes in a small or medium size (combine for ultimate organizing power!) with various size bottles and cap colors. These bottles can be utilized on the trail or for travel for anything from spices to pills to shampoo. If your organizer has a tendency to bottle it up, this time it’s alright.



Are you guilty of organizing? Don’t be shameful, we want to hear your tips, leave them here!
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