5 Gifts for the Outdoor Parent

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5 Gifts for the Outdoor Parent

I love the outdoors but I am definitely not a parent; so I asked Beth Marchand her thoughts on what the outdoor parent might want or need to enjoy the outdoors with their children. If you’ve seen Beth’s blog posts about her adventures with her almost 2 year old Jacey, you’ll know that she is well qualified to answer this question.

Kid Carrier

This one is a must have if the outdoor parent on your shopping list loves hiking or is an incessant multi-tasker that needs hands free (like most parents do). Beth told me she has friends that bring their kiddie carrier from the trails into the grocery store. It’s a win for parents and little ones alike.

Chariot of joy

A stroller is great for lots of situations. This one is no exception. It can easily be a bike trailer or a jogging stroller but it also has hiking and cross-country ski attachment kits. Check out the jogging kit here.

Just in case

Beth got pretty excited when she thought of this one. She takes tons of pictures. Any parent who loves to take pictures and document their little one’s childhood in every which way (which I’m assuming is most) would appreciate a camera case to ensure that not a single precious picture will be missed due to the elements. Waterproof up to 15 feet, you can be sure that, rain or shine, pictures will be aplenty. If you’re an iPhone mom or dad, check out this Aquapac Case.


Kids love snacks. I know from personal childhood experience. This is an easy-to-pack, on-the-go snack that kids will attack (with great pleasure!). These ones are honey flavored, but we also offer other flavors like vanilla and strawberry. They are relatively sweet and organic: a win-win for kids with a sweet tooth and parents who are health conscious.

Ditch the diaper bag

When Beth had Jacey, she didn’t want to be the mom with the diaper bag. Those one-shoulder diaper bags can be a pain when you’re trying to juggle lots of things. Beth’s suggestion: get a backpack. We’ve sure got lots of those to pick from, but here is one to start you off on your backpack-turned-diaper-bag mission. This daypack offers lots of storage in the main compartment for change of clothes, diapers, and toys. The shoulder straps are padded for comfort plus there are lots of pockets for stashing and organizing smaller things. It’s sure to be a big bang!


Are you an outdoor parent? What gets you through your family adventures?
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