Adventure Travel Idea: Havasu Falls, Arizona

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Adventure Travel Idea: Havasu Falls, Arizona

If you’re anything like me, you’ve reached that point in the winter where you’re ready for it to be over.  As much as you love your winter activities (skiing is my personal favorite,) you’re tired of the cold, you’re tired of shoveling snow, and you’re dreaming about warmer locales.  Perhaps it’s time for some last minute spring break plans, anything to get away from old man winter.

In my opinion, just because you’re looking for someplace warmer, doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice adventure, or that you have to go too far.  My top choice for escaping the cold?  Austin-Lehman Adventures’ Arizona Havasupai trip.  You will enjoy five days of hiking, camping and escaping not only the cold, but the daily grind, as you explore a true oasis in the desert.

The ten-mile hike down to base camp starts with jaw-dropping views of the Grand Canyon.  As you make your way into the canyon, you’ll see the scenery change before your eyes, from red rock labyrinths to the verdant canyon floor.  At the eight-mile point, you get a glimpse of the most remote village in the United States, Supai.  Only accessible by pack mule, foot or helicopter, Supai has a population of around 200.  As you wander through the village, you’ll see a church built into the cliff side, and may get a glimpse of the (often-delayed) US Postal Service pack mule carrying the town’s mail.

The final two miles are easy-going, and include a stop at the spectacular Havasu falls, a 100-footwaterfall, where you’ll pause to take a dip in the turquoise waters of the pool below.  Dinner awaits you at base camp, and you will definitely have earned it. After dinner, experience what a star-filled sky looks like when there are absolutely no lights to mar it as you excitedly anticipate the days ahead.

It’s hard to choose the best part of this adventure.  The landscape alone is worth it, but arguably, it’s the hikes that can’t be topped.  Meander through turquoise-blue streams, lush meadows, and in and out of red rocks formations. Remember, you can choose your difficulty level, too.  From relaxing by one of the natural pools near camp with a book, to all day hiking, the guides make sure that you get the most out of your time in the canyon.

So if if you’re ready to transition your mind into spring, warmer temperatures, and escapes, I hope to see you on the Arizona trails soon. I know I’ll be there!

Blake Eden

Blake is a member of the marketing team, and occasional guide, for Austin-Lehman Adventures, a Billings, Montana based tour company offering hiking, biking and multisport tours on six continents. Though she is an East Coast native, she now calls Montana home. When not working for ALA, she is an avid hiker in the summer months, and can be found teaching herself to ski in the winter months.