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Gadget Guru Review: Little Hotties Hand Warmers

Gear / Ideas & Advice

As the venerable Bender once said, “I’m back baby!” After a long hiatus from this blog, I have returned to share my nerdiness with you and obsess over minute details. And to ring in my first blog post in... Read More »

Gadget Guru Review: MOTOACTV


Part of the appeal to MOTOACTV is the convenience. The device enables the user to leave the iPod at home and save battery life on your phone. Having only 1 device that does everything, and does it... Read More »

Gadget Guru Field Test: Goal Zero

Gadget Guru Field Test: Goal Zero


My day job is to oversee the electronics and optics department, otherwise known as “Cases”, at Eastern Mountain Sports in New York City. Day in and day out, I sell these products to customers going on excursions all around... Read More »

Merino in the Himalayas

Merino in the Himalayas

Winter Sports

We are big geeks about merino wool at Eastern Mountain Sports.  And for good reason…it’s the wonder fabric. When I visited Ladakh, India last winter to teach ice hockey, I faced some pretty challenging conditions to stay comfortable in.... Read More »

Gadget Guru Opinion: Gadgets in the Wild


Unlike “Gadget Guru Review” which features specific products, “Gadget Guru Opinion” is an editorial that discusses Adam’s personal & professional opinions on how technology & gadgetry is understood and used.  Please comment and share your thoughts on the topics.... Read More »

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