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3 Reasons Why Road Running is Great for Outdoor Athletes

Ideas & Advice / Road Running

While the absurdly cold and windy start to spring in New England has made road running more challenging than I’d prefer, I really love to run…though not necessarily because running itself is enjoyable for me. Sometimes the thing I like... Read More »

5 Gifts for the Nice People on Your List

Ideas & Advice

If you have a friend or loved one who has been an especially good boy or girl this year, then chances are you’re racking your brain to find the perfect holiday gift to let them know how much you appreciate them.... Read More »

What to Bring on a Century Ride

Cycling / Ideas & Advice

Century rides (named for the 100 mile distances covered in a single day) happen all over the place throughout the summer and into the fall. Most of them are done as fundraisers for various charitable causes—like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, cancer,... Read More »

What Not to Wear: Climbing in Hot Weather

Ideas & Advice / Rock Climbing

Doing anything outside when it’s really hot can be uncomfortable, and climbing in hot weather is no exception. You may not get quite as sweaty as you do during other activities, but you’ll still get pretty ripe, and wearing... Read More »

Top 5 Packs for Back to School

Gear / Ideas & Advice

I know it feels like summer vacation just started, but somehow Back to School season is already almost here…and that means it’s time to start thinking about replacing that school bag of yours. (You know, the one that’s falling... Read More »

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