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Bicycle Pumps: You Get What You Pay For

Cycling / Ideas & Advice

Let me start by saying that I’m not just frugal, I’m cheap. I’ve got long underwear from ’90s, camping gear from the ’80s and t-shirts that should have been retired to the rag bag years ago. As much as... Read More »

#JamesOnTheAt Week 2 Update: 100 miles in!

Backpacking / Ideas & Advice

It’s Patriot’s Day in New England and while most of the region’s attention is focused on the Boston Marathon and the traditional Red Sox game, it’s just another day on the Appalachian Trail for James Willette from our Peterborough,... Read More »

5 Ways To Avoid Running Injuries

Ideas & Advice / Road Running

From sprains, breaks and muscle pulls to cramps, jams and scrapes, I’ve experienced my fair share of aches and pains from athletic activity over the years. Of all the setbacks I’ve ever had, the injury that stands out as... Read More »

Best Heart Rate Monitors for Road Running

Ideas & Advice / Road Running

If you’re thinking about getting a heart rate monitor, get ready to be swamped by a dizzying array of options ranging from $59 to $550.  WHICH ONE IS RIGHT FOR ROAD RUNNING? Well, we’ve prepared a detailed article on... Read More »

#JamesOnTheAT: 3 Days In, Ready to Drop Weight

Outdoor Adventure (Unique lifestyle/travel/personal experience)

Two weeks ago, I posted the photo below to our Facebook page showing what James Willette from our Peterborough, NH store was thinking about bringing along on his 5-7 month journey on the Appalachian Trail. While some folks wondered... Read More »

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