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From serious documentaries to hilarious beef jerky ads, the Legend of Bigfoot has amazed and amused us for generations. Growing up in the 1970s, this elusive creature was pretty much everywhere. Leonard Nimoy broke down grainy video footage and enormous footprint plaster casts on In Search Of. The movie Sasquatch, Legend of Bigfoot scared the heck out of me at a drive in movie I still can’t believe my parents took me to, and my hero Lee Majors waged an epic, slow-motion battle with the terrifying man beast on The Six Million Dollar Man.


The fact that this is Andre the Giant dressed in an unconvincing Bigfoot costume didn’t scare me any less when I was little.

After falling out of the spotlight in the 1990s, Bigfoot’s popularity has soared in recent years. The Jack Link’s Messin’ With Sasquatch commercials have been running for nearly a decade now and Animal Planet’s series, Finding Bigfoot has over 143,000 rabid Facebook fans who are quick to comment on every blurry photo and fuzzy night vision image the Bigfoot trackers post.

Sasquatch tracking is serious business for these rugged gents.

Sasquatch tracking is serious business for these rugged gents.

If you count yourself among the throngs of Sasquatch enthusiasts who would like nothing more than to catch a sighting of this legendary creature, the Eastern Mountain Sports Research Team is here to help. Here are some essential facts along with the most popular places for Bigfoot sightings so you can hopefully mix in a little sasquatch watching into your next camping trip. If you do capture some compelling photographic evidence, please share it on our Facebook page, after informing the proper authorities of course!

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Source: Eastern Mountain Sports

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