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Best Heart Rate Monitors for Road Running

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If you’re thinking about getting a heart rate monitor, get ready to be swamped by a dizzying array of options ranging from $59 to $550.  WHICH ONE IS RIGHT FOR ROAD RUNNING? Well, we’ve prepared a detailed article on... Read More »

Best Paddling Accessories for Comfort in the Cockpit

Ideas & Advice / Paddling

Whether you’re goal is adventure or serenity, a few hours in a kayak can put a  grin on your face from start to finish. Unless of course, you’re not comfortable for one reason or another. As we look ahead to warmer... Read More »

Going to Philmont? Here’s All You REALLY Need To Know.

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As you look forward to the adventure of a lifetime at the most famous scout camp in America, it’s important to plan ahead for the amazing moments that lie ahead. I’m not talking about the big decisions about what... Read More »

3 Reasons Why Road Running is Great for Outdoor Athletes

Ideas & Advice / Road Running

While the absurdly cold and windy start to spring in New England has made road running more challenging than I’d prefer, I really love to run…though not necessarily because running itself is enjoyable for me. Sometimes the thing I like... Read More »

2014 Kayak Buyers’ Guide

Ideas & Advice / Paddling

This post is for first-time (maybe second time) kayak buyers who want to know what their options are before they walk into one of our stores or start browsing the many different choices on Our online Kayak Finder... Read More »

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