Winter Sports

On the Road Again: Running Shoes and Gear Are Back at EMS!


The last time Eastern Mountain Sports carried running gear, the U.S. was boycotting the Olympics in the Soviet Union and our catalog models looked like this: Thirty-four years later, the memories of the Winter Olympics in Sochi are still... Read More »

Osprey Kode 32 Pack Review

Winter Sports

I got the Osprey Kode 32 at the beginning of the ski season. Being lightweight, semi-rigid and designed specifically for backcountry skiing, it really had me intrigued. One thing that stood out initially was that the only way into... Read More »

Mt. Superior South Face Ski Descent

Winter Sports

The weather looked good, the avalanche conditions looked good, and the snow looked good. It was a recipe for a great day in the mountains, so we decided that skiing Superior was going to be great. From the previous... Read More »

Gadget Guru Review: Little Hotties Hand Warmers

Gear / Ideas & Advice

As the venerable Bender once said, “I’m back baby!” After a long hiatus from this blog, I have returned to share my nerdiness with you and obsess over minute details. And to ring in my first blog post in... Read More »

Gear Review: EMS Ascent Series Helix Jacket


A good shell should be a lot of things. It’s the first line of defense against inclement weather while playing outside, be it rain, wind, sleet or snow. It also has to breathe, so as not to trap moisture... Read More »

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