Day 1- Shopping for the Outdoor Enthusiast

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December 1st! This means the shopping has begun.. or ended for the lucky few. Running around searching for the perfect gift is tough so the next 12 days I’ll be posting my *12 days of Christmas ideas*

Today is for the Outdoor Enthusiast.

What does every outdoorsy person need? A backpack? maybe. A water bottle? yes. A nice pair of socks. yep.. what else?

A Softshell jacket! Not only for running, climbing, snowshoeing, hiking, and walking, but for anything really. It’s perfect for regulating your temperature, wicking away moisture, and keeping you dry when it’s raining or the snow starts to fall. They are great for layering too.I’d recommend them to everyone.

I’d suggest checking out EMS, they have a great selection of soft shell jackets, I have a marmot and absolutely love it. It’s the purple one in my blog picture the right actually ;)

Check this out..

or this one.

too pricey? why not get some Smart wool stuff. Smart wool is one of my favorites to layer when hiking and snowshoeing, they offer a wide range of clothing including hats, scarves, socks, even underwear- the possibilities are endless.. yes I said underwear.

tomorrow is for the dog lover… stay tuned ;)

Megan Dunphy

Megan is a Registered Nurse in the Emergency Room whose healthy and active lifestyle includes cycling, snowboarding, running, snowshoeing, and hiking with her dog. Most recently, Megan has been bitten by the triathlon bug which has enabled her to tap into my inner competitor.  When she's not busy working or enjoying the outdoors, you'll find Megan in her kitchen cooking up her favorite dishes and blogging about them at