Doing it all back home

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Doing it all back home

This trip to the Northeast was awesome with an array of duties to fulfill.  “Duties” as meetings at Eastern Mountain Sports and Sterling Rope, a little slideshow, bombing from one town to the next, and of course friends to see.  I think we mixed a bit of everything each day and I still can’t believe all of it happened in a week’s time.  Time flies when you are on the go. My friend Russ Clune from Black Diamond said it best when he called me “a perpetual motion machine”.  I kinda liked that.

I think it just goes to show how much work a professional climber actually does put into the deed and isn’t JUST at the cliff all the time.  This for me was a work trip as climbing was not in our plans and was not a priority. Before we even bought tickets to the Northeast I asked my folks at Eastern Mountain Sports if they would be interested in meeting at “Basecamp” (EMS office) and of course they were psyched.  I figured if I were going to New Hampshire why not add something else to the mix?  Like a slideshow in Maine?

I have lots of ties to Portland as I went to college there at MECA (Maine College of Art).  South Portland just got a brand spanking new EMS store and it just made sense to bang out a little slideshow.   And with all of that on the plate why not make it even MORE productive with a meeting in Biddeford, Maine?  Sterling Rope?!?!?!??!

Colette wrapped up our time in NYC, rented a car, and headed up to my home state of New Hampshire.  It’s amazing how you see the terrain transform from insane population, smog, and traffic to the tree covered, green New England. I feel at home and as when I am in New England.  It’s the smell, the pace, the people, the food, the quaint little towns, the mountains and the ocean… it’s all so refreshing to be around.

We arrived to the Eastern Mountain Sports office for a day of meetings.  We tackled plans for the future, video ideas, sponsorship involvement.  We talked about our travels, told stories, spoke about product development and I almost lost my voice with all of the verbalizing we embarked on!  That’s when you know there was some serious communication!  Phew!

The product meeting with Dan got me more psyched than anything.  We shared some very similar ideas on the direction, look, and function of the EMS apparel and outerwear.  It’s great to know I work with a company like this where my feedback and info on the product matters.

 Each time I visit the office there is usually a time set aside for some video commentary on product.  Eric and Robert present me with a list of questions for me to elaborate on.  They hand me product to discuss and this is all info for that person browsing the website for their next soft shell or pair of pants.

I know that when I see a product on a website and there is a video to coincide with I watch it.  For instance when I purchase a lens or a new camera I watch reviews, demos, and anything in regards to product to further educate on what I might buy.  If I have used the gear I can review and articulate on the benefits and best ways to use a product.  I kind of pride myself in this, but at the end of the day I think I have just been in the outdoor industry for a LONG TIME!

I think the best part about the visit to Eastern Mountain Sports’ Base Camp was to understand my value with the company.  I know my companies appreciate my branding and value and this is what makes me hustle harder. I am an ambassador and proud to be working with the companies that sponsor me.

By the time we left the office I was exhausted.  Time seemed to disappear while we were in there and I think it was the amount of stimulation kept me going for hours.  It’s amazing when you are totally engaged in what you are doing. The day flew by like a whirlwind of activity and the week was all of a sudden gone and we were back at the airport to catch our return flight.  So much had happened.  It was like an explosion of activity and I loved it.  Maybe that’s why Russ coined me a Perpetual Motion Machine?




Joe Kinder

Joe Kinder is an Eastern Mountain Sports sponsored athlete. An original East-Coaster, Joe moved to Boulder, CO, after graduating from the Maine College of Art to chase his dream of becoming a professional climber. Thanks to his hard work, constant networking, and continual crushing of hard lines, Joe has become a highly respected member of the climbing community. In addition to Eastern Mountain Sports, Joe is also sponsored by Gregory® Packs, Sterling Rope®, Petzl®, La Sportiva®,  Nutriex®, and SmithOptics® in order to continue traveling the world and sharing his passion with others. A great ambassador for the sport, Joe’s amp for rock climbing never ends. In fact, the only time you’ll ever see him down is if he hasn’t been to a cliff in a few days. The key to keeping this climber happy is simple–the rock. See for yourself at his blog,