Don’t forget to pack the first aid kit

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Don’t forget to pack the first aid kit

Anyone can mess up, it’s that simple. Even if you’ve been climbing your whole life, hiked barefoot in the Whites or been on dozens of minimalist excursions, the truth is, you’re still susceptible to the same things that would immobilize the average weekend warrior.

To keep going even in the face of injury or ailment, be sure to always pack a first aid kit in your hiking backpack. There are all kinds of pre-packaged kits that offer a wide variety of products, ranging from the bare necessities to a pack that looks similar to an emergency medical technician’s.

When choosing a first aid kit, keep in mind which activity you’ll be doing, and choose accordingly. If you’re adding it to your climbing gear, keep it light, and make sure it contains athletic tape to cover up those flappers. A lightweight kit goes for backpacking too, naturally.

If it will be a part of your standard camping gear, you may want a kit that offers a little more bells and whistles, since you’ll have the luxury of space.

But no matter which kit you choose, it should always have a few staple items, including bandages and adhesives, topical ointments, tweezers and a first-aid guide and manual for product use.

While prevention will always be the best way to stay safe, having a first aid kit handy can really help when you’re in a bind.

Chris Davis

Although Christopher Dodge Davis grew up wrangling the copperheads of the East Texas woods, he's now made Boston his new home, and is determined to conquer the peaks of the East. Since moving, he's enjoyed hiking any trail within a weekend's drive, bouldering in the New Hampshire woods and backpacking sections of the AT, the Long Trail and other must-do hikes. Armed with a degree in English, you'll often find him sitting atop a peak, pencil in hand, unabashedly trying to channel the likes of Thoreau and other long-winded New Englanders.