EMS Wins 1st Place Bike Shop!


A few days ago the coolest thing arrived in the mail.  A nice big and shiny chainring award from the League of American Bicyclists identifying Eastern Mountain Sports as the 2012 1st Place Bike Shop in the National Bike Challenge!

Our 2012 1st Place Bike Shop Award!


From May 1st through August 31st a bunch of fellow co-workers joined in the effort to log as many miles on their bikes as they could.  Riding to and from work, in various century rides, mountain biking, and just kicking around town, we logged over 21 thousand miles, saved close to 20 thousand pounds of CO2 from going into the atmosphere, and saved almost $4 grand in transportation costs.  Our next closest competitor, who is also our largest national competitor, came in with 16 thousand miles logged!

The 2012 National Bike Challenge Banner

Since we decided as a company to bring cycling into our product assortment we have strived to be the best.  When it comes to our product assortments, our people, and our commitment to the sport we don’t let anything get in our way.  Our mission is to provide the best customer service through knowledgeable, credible, and authentic expertise; this is just one more step in meeting all three of those criteria.


Beth on an early morning commute

Owen on National Bike To Work Day

Karen and Jim on their Morning Commute










Come into one of our bike stores today and find out how you too can get on the bike and start logging some miles.  Whether you are doing it for yourself or to stand up for cyclists everywhere we can help you get on the right bike, with the right accessories and gear to ensure a safe and comfortable trip.  We can get you connected to the right groups to ride with, the right organizations to be active with, and the right events to go out and ride in.  We can take care of every repair need you have, from the smallest mechanical adjustment to the complete overhaul.


A row of Jamis Coda bikes at our Upper West Side, NYC store

Brian Hsieh, Bike Market Manager in NYC putting the final touches on a new bike

A team of EMS Staff, Partners, and Customers getting ready to race the 2012 24 Hours of Great Glen!









We’re gonna take this win and celebrate throughout our company.  We are also going to celebrate the accomplishment that each cyclist who was a part of the challenge made this year in not only reaching the goal of 10 million miles logged, but helping to surpass it by an additional 2 million miles!  It’s not just about the award for us, it’s also knowing that we were part of the bigger picture.  We were part of the voice directed towards Washington letting our political representatives know that cycling is important, that in order to keep us all safe and continually active we need to retain funding, we need to retain access, and we need better infrastructure.


Thanks to the thousands of cyclists who joined us throughout the year! We celebrate with you all.

If you want to get involved in next year’s challenge and have your voiced heard alongside of ours, please visit the National Bike Challenge website.

Ben Hall

Brewed fresh in the mountains of Vermont, Eastern Mountain Sports Local Marketing Specialist Ben Hall has gone so far as to boldly proclaim the fact that he is rocking in the good times!  The father of two and husband of one finds his inspiration in the form of mountain biking, skiing, and freelance BS'ing.  His favorite food is Ben & Jerry’s and Long Trail floats, and his favorite color is green.  If you see him driving by, wave to MTBBEN, you can’t miss him, he kind of resembles a yeti!