First Day of Ski Season

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First Day of Ski Season

‘Twas the night before skiing and all through the house
the creatures were stirring, checking their gear for louse
The skis were out and had been waxed with care
with hopes that fresh fluff would soon be there

The crazies were stoked with no thought of bed
Visions of pillow lines danced in their heads
Room mates asleep and I took off my hat
We had finally settled down for a pre-skiing nap

The morning came, and couldn’t come soon enough. Bacon, eggs and hot cocoa filled us up and after going through the checklist and loading up the car, we headed North. Quite a few remarks were made about how out of practice we were, and how packing a bag to go skiing was totally automatic when we had all last skied together. The storm that had brought ski season had tracked North to Powder Mountain and Snowbasin, and while the lifts weren’t spinning, we were more than happy to earn our turns before Halloween had arrived. Eric, Riley, Kendra, Taylor and I had never skied at Powder Mountain, but my ski coach from high school, who had moved out a two years ago, skied there a lot and met us there. He showed us the goods, and then had to leave. Andrea joined us, and even though she doesn’t ski (yet) was more than happy to hike and take pictures. While boot packing, she commented on how hard it was when your feet sink into the snow so deep, and to her surprise, we had brought along a pair of snow-shoes for her. After watching her struggle for a bit, we took them out of Eric’s pack and watched her figure out which end went forwards. A lot of smiles were shown, and we were all happy that we pitched in at a gear-swap for such a surprise. We took a run, and the snow was soft, deep and a little sticky. Not a rock was felt or heard. It felt so good. Everybody knows how good the first day of ski season feels, and this was just amazing. No white ribbon of death, no crowds in a lift line, and there were fresh tracks to be had in deep snow on a beautiful, warm, bluebird day. Andrea had to leave for an appointment, but the rest of us stayed and skied and laughed and played. Somebody had built a jump into a fluffy landing and hadn’t tracked it out too much, so we spent some time having fun on that. Clouds were moving in and the sun had dipped a little lower in the sky, so we headed home. Three out of the five that were in the car had passed out asleep in the backseat, and five out of five were very hungry when we got home. Everybody is absolutely jacked on the coming season.

Ben White

Ben White is a natural born adventurer from Essex, Massachusetts. During the winter of 2010/2011, he set out to hike and ski the NH 48. He finished 6 days before his 18th birthday. While he has been known to ski naked, Ben loves testing out different clothing, from base layers to parkas. When he isn't skiing, he's mountain biking or hiking. His love for mountains has dragged him out to the University of Utah, where he is currently studying Geology. 

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  1. December 3, 2012, 5:08 pm

    Nice post.I enjoyed reading your first day of ski season.I hope Andrea will learn to ski soon.Happy skiing guys!

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