Gear Check: EMS Exodus Fleece

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I got a fleece in the mail from Jim. Black, smooth on the outside, comfortable on the inside. The breast pockets had nice, slim zippers. One pocket on each side, which is really nice because I find the majority of breast pockets are on the left, and that makes a giant lump of granola bars and other things on my left side. The double zippers brought balance, and I enjoyed it a lot. It also fit a little odd. Slim in some spots, not so slim in others. At lunch, one of my friends told me to check the size, and it was the right size, but it was a women’s and not a men’s, which explained why it fit far differently from any of my other clothing. A hearty laugh went around the table. Once that had been pointed out, I found a friend who wore the same size and loves the outdoors. Analeigh, a dance student at the U took the Exodus Fleece for a spin while ice climbing in Ouray, Colorado. Here’s her opinion on this great mid-layer:

Analeigh modeling the fleece

“This fleece is so warm! I went ice climbing in Colorado with it, and it’s great for outdoor activities in cold weather. The zippers along the under arms were great for heat management, which can be a problem in the cold when you’re exercising. There’s a fine line between staying warm and getting too hot under my clothing and this fleece kept me warm and wicks away and moisture. Also, the breast pockets are large enough to hold my phone and camera in one pocket. They could hold my large gloves as well. My favorite feature for this fleece is the small turtle neck collar! It keeps my neck warm without a scarf. However, it doesn’t have a hood, which would be the only improvement for this fleece I can think of. Even a detachable one would be nice, but if you’re layering it under a shell that has a hood, that shouldn’t be a problem. Overall, it fits nicely and has an elastic bottom that keeps the wind from blowing in. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a nice fleece for cold weather activities or wants a great layer for blustery days going to class or work.”

Fleece is under a shell, but it performs well

Ben White

Ben White is a natural born adventurer from Essex, Massachusetts. During the winter of 2010/2011, he set out to hike and ski the NH 48. He finished 6 days before his 18th birthday. While he has been known to ski naked, Ben loves testing out different clothing, from base layers to parkas. When he isn't skiing, he's mountain biking or hiking. His love for mountains has dragged him out to the University of Utah, where he is currently studying Geology.