Mother’s Day Gifts for Iconic TV Moms

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When the mom on your list likes to play outside, you can’t just give her flowers and call it a day, you need useful gifts she’ll actually use. Last year, I wrote a blog post to illustrate how Eastern Mountain Sports has something for every type of dad out there. Now that Mother’s Day is just around the corner, I figured it’s only fair to do the same thing for all kinds of moms, no matter how tough you might THINK they may be to shop for.

Carol Brady

CarolBradyLast Father’s Day, I recommended the Sugar Shack 3 for Carol’s husband Mike. With several new features and a fresh new color, I have no problem recommending the all new 2013 Sugar Shack 3 to Carol as well for both family camping trips to the Grand Canyon or spontaneous whoopie making sessions. Ever the fashion plate, Carol is also a perfect candidate for one of our graphic t-shirts. Every month brings a new flock of groovy designs to choose from which makes finding the perfect gift for Carol as easy as keeping your home spotless with a live-in housekeeper.



Clair Huxtable

ClairHuxtableIf you think your mom is tough to shop for, imagine trying to find a creative Mother’s Day gift for a successful career woman whose doctor husband can afford to lavish her with high-end gifts like a $10,000 painting in 1986? When only the best will do for your mom, consider the Rolls Royce of fitness watches–the Suunto Ambit. This watch has it all–heart rate monitor, GPS with waypoint navigation, altimeter, speed, and weather conditions–about the only thing it can’t do is get Theo to stop messing around with Cockroach and do his homework.



Kate Gosselin

Kate GosselinKate Gosselin is a one-of-a-kind mom in lots of ways and while some of the things that go on in her crazy life are completely unrelatable to most moms, she does have one personality trait that may resonate with your mom–she LOVES the camera. What better way to help the mom on your list to capture every blessed moment of her child’s life than a helmet mounted action camera that can be accessorized to her heart’s content? For all-out moms like Kate, The GoPro Hero 3 is the lightest, smallest and most powerful and most versatile camera on the market. If you’re on a budget but still want an awesome action camera, The Contour Roam2 is a feature-rich alternative at half the price of the Hero 3.



Elise Keaton

Elise KeatonLet’s jump back to the ’80s and consider gifts for one of my all-time favorite TV moms, former hippie turned unflappable matriarch–Elise Keaton. As seen in the opening credits, Elise was no stranger to the outdoor lifestyle. Performance apparel is ALWAYS a great gift for any active mom, and a beautiful woman like Elise would look even better in a pretty, yet practical dress that can go from Alex’s gradation party to a stroll in the woods with that lucky dog Steven.


Shirley Partridge

Shirley PartridgeYou might be thinking that Eastern Mountain Sports has nothing to please a hard-rocking, bus-driving, Austin-Powers-apparel-inspiring-mom like Shirley Partridge. Well, “Come On, Get Happy” my doubting friend. I don’t just THINK your mom will love anything from our selection of performance headphones, I KNOW she will. I had a chance to try a pair of Aftershokz Open Ear Headphones that allow you to listen to your music while still being able to hear what’s going on around you. They’re perfect for moms who like to listen to tunes while running, biking or hiking.


Gloria Pritchett

GloriaPritchettNew moms need all kinds of things to help them stay active outside while making sure that baby is safe and happy. New moms like Gloria who like to ride bikes will love a bike trailerso their hijo or hija can come along for the ride. If the new mom on your list also likes to hike, your local Eastern Mountain Sports has a great selection of trail-worthy kid carriers to make it easy to bring baby outdoors. And since style-conscious moms like Gloria do things their own way, consider giving the new mom on your list a daypack instead of a diaper bag so she can be a mom while still being her own woman.



June Cleaver

JuneCleaverIt’s hard for me to imagine that ANY modern day mom is like TV’s original iconic mom, but if the mom you’re shopping for is as put together as June Cleaver, I humbly suggest a gift that will help her break out of her comfort zone and live a little. And nothing helps mom experience new adventures like a kayak. Imagine the wind whipping through June’s perfectly quaffed hair as she explores the local ponds and enjoys a little quality time away from Wally and Beaver. A mom as buttoned up as June would also do well to get out on two wheels on a new mountain bike and of course, a lesson at Eastern Mountain Sports Schools will satisfy her need for taking on a new challenge in the company of experienced pros.


No matter what kind of mom you’re shopping for, you’ll find something awesome for her at Eastern Mountain Sports. If you need help choosing the perfect Mother’s Day gift, just give us a call at 888-463-6367 and one of our customer service reps will be happy to help you out. Happy Mother’s Day and remember, the best gift you can give ANY mom is quality time.


Jim Darroch

Jim's love for the outdoors began with family camping trips in "Brady Bunch" style canvas tents and progressed to backpacking adventures with the Boy Scouts. In 2007, he fulfilled his teenage dream by joining Eastern Mountain Sports as Brand Communications Manager. When he's not in the office, you'll find Jim kayaking, hiking, and mountain biking around the Monadnock Region and throughout New England with his wife Brenda and his dog Brewski.