Outdoor Demo Tour Update|New York and Vermont

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When I think back to this past weekend’s travels through New York and Vermont on the Eastern Mountain Sports Outdoor Demo Tour, my first immediate thoughts are coffee, farms, and motorcycles. The stretch was such a refreshing change from battling traffic on I-95. Whether it’s the familiar odor of cattle farms wafting in through the air conditioning vents or the almost constant views of hazy mountain ranges, all the driving this weekend was quite enjoyable.

James and I spent Saturday June 15 at Collins Park in Scotia, New York doing our thing on an absolutely perfect day.


After the Scotia demo, the manager of the Saratoga Springs store was nice enough to let us crash at his place. And, as you my have guessed from my last post, he had two adorable black labs to play with…and a super poofy cat named Bosco. I’m generally not much of a cat person, but this cat was pretty awesome. I’ve never seen a cat open cabinets and doors but Bosco managed those feats with ease. This house was definitely one of my favorites so far, a quaint little log cabin nestled in the outskirts of Saratoga. After a sun filled and thoroughly sun burned day, we hit the road again for good old Burlington, VT. To break up the ride, James and I decided to stop and grab some munchies at The Old Post Grille in Lake George. I loved this place for two  reasons:

1. Guinness is considered an appetizer by their standards. Awesome.


2. They have this one appetizer dish that went by some Irishy name I can’t remember (Kinvare fries?). Essentially it was steak fries covered in cheese and bacon. It was one of the most amazing creations I’ve had on the trip so far.

Steak fries covered with bacon and cheese for the win!

Red Rocks, our Sunday June 16 demo location was a little harder to find, never mind the fact it was a little unnerving driving our 24’ trailer on tight Vermont dirt road. Unfortunately, the challenges didn’t end with finding the location. Burlington was the first demo on the tour where it actually rained. Despite the weather plenty of people still came to sample some gear–Vermonters are a hardy bunch!


A long drive back to Rhode Island ahead, we thought it might be a good idea to fuel up for an extended period on the road. We hit up a local pizza joint for a local delicacy: the Burlington version of Poutine (gravy covered fries). Only these ones were also covered in cheese, Vermont Cheddar to be specific. Delicious.


This is the last time I’ll mention food in a post. Well this post at least. This coming week on the Outdoor Demo Tour features several stops in Massachusetts, and then finally, we head to the Granite State. I’m super duper excited to hit up some mountain biking trails in New Hampshire and get a chance to be better at something than James! We’ve come to an agreement at this point in the tour: James can paddle better and he can walk, and I can ride better than….well most other things I do. Until we’re in the Granite state north woods, Cheers!

Ben Cargill

An employee of our North Conway, NH store since 2009, Ben is excited to be hitting the road as one of our 2013 Outdoor Demo Tour drivers. Ben was born and raised in the White Mountains where he started skiing and biking at a young age. He spends his free time hiking the High Peaks of New Hampshire, shredding the backcountry and skiing or running with his dog. He recently finished hiking all 48 4,000 footers in New Hampshire and hopes to take on the Appalachian Trail some day.