Monkey Search and Rescue: A Stuffed Animal Survival Story

Do you have something that you bring with you on every hike, no matter what? For me, it’s the American flag I received for being a crew leader at Philmont Scout Ranch. I’ve had it since I was 16 and it never leaves my pack unless it’s on display... Read More ››

2014 Kayak Buyers’ Guide

This post is for first-time (maybe second time) kayak buyers who want to know what their options are before they walk into one of our stores or start browsing the many different choices on Our online Kayak Finder is an excellent tool for helping you drill down to... Read More ››

Why We’ve Never Followed an Appalachian Trail Thru Hiker…Until Now

The Appalachian Trail. It’s arguably the most popular bucket list item for anyone who’s ever dragged himself or herself back to work after a weekend of peak bagging or adventurous wandering. It’s an idea that’s wistfully discussed around campfires and on car rides home by hikers of all ages... Read More ››

On the Road Again: Running Shoes and Gear Are Back at EMS!

The last time Eastern Mountain Sports carried running gear, the U.S. was boycotting the Olympics in the Soviet Union and our catalog models looked like this: Thirty-four years later, the memories of the Winter Olympics in Sochi are still fresh and so is our new collection of running shoes... Read More ››

Meet Ginger Zee and Support the Mount Washington Observatory!

It’s hard not to like Ginger Zee. Each day on Good Morning America, she breaks down the nation’s weather with the enthusiasm of a cheerleader (and looks to match) the professionalism of a trained meteorologist and the passion of a true weather geek. On any given day you’ll find... Read More ››

Paddling Resources For Better, Safer Days On the Water

With longer, brighter days and spring right around the corner, it’s time to look ahead to the paddling season. March is the perfect month to pick up new gear and research new places for daytrips or extended paddling/camping adventures. It’s also a great time to learn of some seriously... Read More ››

Overnight Adventure on Mount Washington

EDITOR’S NOTE: Of all the perks Eastern Mountain Sports employees receive in exchange for their hard work, Assistant Product Manager Rosie Mansfield recently got to experience one of the absolute best–hiking up Mount Washington, spending a night at the Mount Washington Observatory and calling it “work.” Here’s a recap... Read More ››

Osprey Kode 32 Pack Review

I got the Osprey Kode 32 at the beginning of the ski season. Being lightweight, semi-rigid and designed specifically for backcountry skiing, it really had me intrigued. One thing that stood out initially was that the only way into the main compartment was through the back, no entry through... Read More ››

The Appalachian Trail: One Store Guide’s Journey

In addition to being an incredibly thoughtful son, Eastern Mountain Sports – Buckland Hills, CT store guide Michael Begansky is a dedicated documenter of his outdoor adventures. Nowhere is Michael’s passion for inspiring others to get outside more obvious than the 92 videos he filmed last year–one for every... Read More ››

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