Mt. Superior South Face Ski Descent

The weather looked good, the avalanche conditions looked good, and the snow looked good. It was a recipe for a great day in the mountains, so we decided that skiing Superior was going to be great. From the previous days, there were a few sets of tracks down it... Read More ››

Introducing Yourself to Rock Climbing

Anyone who knows me knows that I am in love with rock climbing.  I love all the aspects and styles of rock climbing, but mostly I love the way climbers vertically challenge themselves against nature’s rock and ice to reach the pinnacle of their task.  Climbing also is a... Read More ››

Safe Winter Hiking Advice

Reaching the summit of a mountain is always satisfying but reaching the summit of a mountain in winter sparks an adrenaline rush that’s almost impossible to describe. Unfortunately, the pursuit of this rush has made for a busy winter season for Search & Rescue in New Hampshire’s White Mountains.... Read More ››

5 Best Kid Hikes in Massachusetts

What do you do when your little one is too big for the kid carrier but too small to keep up with you on a full day hike? I have no idea, so I asked an expert. Jen Bauer is a Digital Media and English teacher from the Boston... Read More ››

Windblown Demo Day

If you live in Massachusetts, Vermont or New Hampshire and you’re looking to try the latest snowshoeing and cross country ski gear without spending a dime, your Saturday plans are officially MADE: Organized by our Peterborough, NH store, our 3rd Annual Demo Day at Windblown  Crosscountry Ski Area in New Ipswich,... Read More ››

A Tribute To The Ultimate Guide Dog

Hiking in New Hampshire is hard. The steep grades test your physical fitness, the rocky trails are tough on your knees and the unpredictable, intense weather can turn a perfect day into an emergency situation in a matter of minutes. There are forty-eight peaks in New Hampshire that are taller... Read More ››

Outdoor Safety Advice From Rescue Professionals

Last February, I paddled alone down the Annisquam River. Shortly after launching my kayak, the US Coast Guard motored alongside me. I waved, but they did not wave back. Rather, they peered at me through binoculars, pointed at me a few times, and picked up a radio. Moments later... Read More ››

Home Automation at Your Fingertips: Staying Connected While Off the Grid

There’s nothing better than packing up the car for a multi-day road trip. In the excitement of what lies ahead, it’s easy to forget about all the valuables you’re leaving behind. So when Laura from Home Depot asked me if I’d be interested in having one of their home... Read More ››

The Greatest Cycling Video of All Time?

I don’t know about you, but I’m a little jaded by all the “Best. (Insert Allegedly Amazing Thing Here.) Ever.” claims that folks are so fond of dropping on social media these days about everything from burgers to boyfriends. So when I saw several Facebook friends posting about “the... Read More ››

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