I got a gearache

Where the hell is the snow? It’s January, and as much as I love my bikes, I miss my skis. When I’m out running or riding the trails, I find myself daydreaming about moving through snowy woods in a different, more graceful way. Getting out for hours, pushing through... Read More ››

Gadget Guru Review: MOTOACTV

Part of the appeal to MOTOACTV is the convenience. The device enables the user to leave the iPod at home and save battery life on your phone. Having only 1 device that does everything, and does it well, is a blessing. We are not yet at the... Read More ››

The Journey of 62 Miles Begins with a New Year’s Day Hike

The Journey of 62 Miles Begins with a New Year’s Day Hike

“And so it begins…” mused my boyfriend Jerry, as we prepared to embark on a 10-mile, New Year’s Day hike on the C&O Canal towpath.  He had recently joined me (voluntarily, with no arm-twisting required) in the ambitious plan to hike 62.1 miles, from Georgetown to Harpers Ferry, during... Read More ››

Mitts for When the Mercury Drops

Mitts for When the Mercury Drops

When the skis, boots, poles and skins made an appearance in the living room for the third night in a row last week, I knew it was time to either get my husband a hamster wheel, or go visit the snowmakers on the mountain. Vermont holds the record for... Read More ››

Travels with Jacey… New Years resolutions

It’s 2012, where did the time go?? Here’s my list of 2012 resolutions… ok, they’re not resolutions so much as goals. 1. Hike, kayak, run/jog and ski more. I know, that’s a rather large list. I did all of those (except kayak – thought I did canoe and SUP) in... Read More ››

LiquidLogic Grand Canyon Trip Update

As he discussed in his original blog post on December 19 and in his ill-fated training blog post on December 24, Web Merchandiser Brook Burke’s paddling adventure of a lifetime is officially underway! Brook is out of cell range but he’s asked me to share the link to the... Read More ››

Clothes Make the Woman – and the Dog

I have to admit that I sometimes wear floral prints.  It drives my 21-year-old daughter crazy and makes her threaten to nominate me for “What Not to Wear.”  (So far I’ve apparently dodged that bullet.) Despite the occasional flowery skirt, I’m actually far from being a “girly girl,” and... Read More ››

Winter Climbing 101

Winter Climbing 101

“I’m gonna go ahead and summit. Without Sherpas.” If I heard that while on the ice I probably would have fallen off. Luckily, I was not on the ice, nor was I belaying anyone at the time. Instead Steve, Sara, and I were watching Melissa and Kim at the... Read More ››

Two new stores (plus one) are better than one

After seven years at The Shoppes at Blackstone Valley, our Millbury MA store will close on Saturday, January 21. While this move makes it easy to question the health of our company in this challenging economy, rest assured that we’re closing our Millbury store in order to focus our... Read More ››

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