Mountain Biking in the Western Boston ‘Burbs

Mountain Biking in the Western Boston ‘Burbs

So it’s early evening on a weekday, and you can still hear the phone ringing in your ears.  You’ve got about two hours of daylight left and a biking itch to scratch.  Where can you go to find a little piece of heaven near the Route 128 loop? It... Read More ››

Go Away Black Flies

Go Away Black Flies

Alright, how many days until the first frost in the mountains? Don’t get me wrong I love summer. The days are longer and there are more activities I can do. As a teacher I also have off from school so I have a lot more time to do those... Read More ››

Devils Tower: Experience is the best teacher

Last summer two friends and I climbed the Durance route on Devils Tower in Wyoming. It was a highlight of my summer, to say the least. This huge igneous intrusion, exposed through years of weathering and erosion, stands like giant petrified stump in the flat Wyoming landscape. The first... Read More ››

Adventures in Saratoga Springs

What do the NY Yankees and the people of Saratoga Springs have in common? Not much, other than being from New York. The Yankees are kind of mean and have bad attitudes. And they don’t like to play in the rain. (Sorry NY – as a Sox fan I... Read More ››

Customer Spotlight: Give a Bike Tour Rolls On

Back in February, our customer service department received a particularly compelling email. Hello EMS, We are 1200 miles into our journey and our old EMS tent isn’t holding up to the rigors of our adventure. My wife and I are biking through all 50 states for charity… we will... Read More ››

8 Days in Five Fingers: A Minimalist Footwear Journal

At Eastern Mountain Sports, we believe that minimalist footwear can be used to improve your performance in just about any sport. If you’re into climbing, minimalist can build strength, enhance posture and improve your balance. If you’re into paddling, minimalist footwear gives you better traction and sensitivity when you’re... Read More ››

In France and Italy, “more is more”

I think the saying goes something like “less is more”. This doesn’t always apply to my usual approach to climbing which is to pick a hard route and then stay until it’s done. This means a lot of time and effort. But this tactic doesn’t really work when I’m... Read More ››

The Path Less Hiked: Two of New England’s Hidden Gem Hikes

The Path Less Hiked: Two of New England’s Hidden Gem Hikes

Does this sound familiar to you? It is a sunny New England weekend and you decide to go hiking. You don’t want to drive to far and you need to be home at a reasonable hour so the hike will need to be shorter but you still want that... Read More ››

Gadget Guru Review: Audio Awesomeness

Make sure you read to the end, there’s a special treat! Headphones aren’t the type of thing you’d expect from EMS, I get that. If you’re the type of person who likes to source run-of-the-mill personal noise conductors, aka headphones, then you should stop here. If you prefer to... Read More ››

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