Something’s Cooking: 5 Gifts for Outdoor Chefs

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Something’s Cooking: 5 Gifts for Outdoor Chefs

There’s no better place to enjoy great food than the great outdoors. Whether you’re shopping for someone who loves to camp and needs to be a better cook or loves cook and needs to take their skills from the kitchen to the campground, here are some gift ideas that will add some spice to your holiday season.

Pots, and pans, and bowls, Oh My!

The GSI Pinnacle Backpacker Set is ideal for whipping up tasty meals while backpacking or camping. The whole set condenses to fit inside a convenient stuff sack that can also double as a wash sink. While the set is ideal for two, pots and pans allow cooking for all the friends your chef may want to bring along.

Spicin’ It Up

What meal is complete without adding some spice to it? No meal would be my answer! The GSI Spice Missile is excellent for the cook that wants to take his or her whole spice cabinet with them and then some. The caps and shaker ingeniously screw together to safeguard spices from getting wet and losing flavor over time.

Ooh that’s hot!

So maybe you decided against the previous cookset I mentioned or the foodie on your list already has a set of pots. The MSR Panhandler is a solid back up choice. Capable of grabbing pots or lids and supporting up to 10 pounds (enough for even most zealous of camp cooks) it is a must have for preventing unpleasant burns.

Would you care for a glass?

Yes, a bottle of wine may be a lot of extra weight to tote along with you, but if you’re going to put in the effort these GSI Nesting Wine Glasses will make that bottle and the meal all the more worth it! Other than sipping your wine in style, this wine glass screws apart at the base and snaps onto the rim for optimal storage. Also check out the GSI Stemless Wine Glass to pamper your cook with!

Cache Away

Whether the cook in your life is heading out for just a few days or an extended trip, the Backpacker Food Cache might be a good idea. It holds up to six days’ worth of food for one person but could also be used for larger groups going on shorter trips. It keeps moisture out (who wants to eat soggy snacks?) food odors in, and most important, bears (and other animals) away. It’s difficult to enjoy a wonderfully cooked meal if some other creature is nibbling on your food or even you!

 What’s the best meal you’ve cooked up in nature’s kitchen? Let me know along with some of your favorite camp kitchen essentials!


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