Spring (Five Fingers) Fever


My Five Fingers and me at the top of Mount Monadnock last summer

So today, the notoriously awkward dentist chair conversation revolved around Spring.  My hygienist, Debra asked me:  “What are you most looking forward to this Spring? Your motorcycle?”  and I uncomfortably shook my head and said ‘uuuuuhhhnn’. She said “No? I thought you had a motorcycle?”  When she was taking a break so I could swallow I explained, “Yes I do have a motorcycle, but it’s my bicycles that I am most excited about riding again”  “Oh, excited about getting some exercise outside?” and I said “Yes” not mentioning all the secret glades I had been hiking this winter.  But as I got to thinking about it more, I later interrupted her to say “Actually it’s my finger shoes that I’m most excited about!”  (I was talking about my Vibram FiveFingers, but guessing she didn’t know what they were called) and she said ‘Oh! Yes I’ve seen those, where do you get them?”  I told her my company Eastern Mountain Sports sells them and this was going to be my second summer wearing them. I went on, through various techniques of groaning and hand gesticulation how they have changed my feet, and how it’s simply too cold to wear them right now but how my toes long to be free again once it’s warm enough.  I said “EEYYYYR  EAAALLY  EEL  AWOOOME OOOOM ATRAALL URRAACES”, and she said “Oh, they feel good on natural surfaces, like the beach, or the forest?”  I nodded vigorously.   Anyway, yes, it’s my FiveFingers I am looking forward to the most.  I am looking forward to gripping the ground, building stronger relationships with my individual toes, practicing yoga anywhere it’s convenient, and the constant snapping and stretching the soft tissue in my foot yielding a less deformed and compressed shape actually resembling a useful appendage.  For a second I thought how great it would be to move somewhere where I could wear them year round.  Then I remembered the secret glades.  Nevermind.

Owen Travers

Owen Travers is the Visual Execution Coordinator for Eastern Mountain Sports as well as the man behind the music you hear in our stores.  An all-around, all-season outdoors-person, Owen is one of our most die-hard bicycle commuters and lunch time ride/yoga/snowshoe organizers. To have a conversation with Owen is to learn no less than two great new songs/recipes/YouTube videos that you must check out.


  1. June 1, 2011, 9:01 pm

    I have been wanting to get a pair for a while now, but keep putting it off. I think I’ll make the purchase this week

  2. April 8, 2011, 9:46 am

    I have been wanting to get a pair for a while now, but keep putting it off. I think I’ll make the purchase this week :)

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