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Since coming back to the desert after 3 long months in the Sierra Nevada, I found myself sitting in a deep reflection pool of everything in my life. Reconsidering a lot, seeing new things and old things in a... Read More »

What Not to Wear: Climbing in Hot Weather

Ideas & Advice / Rock Climbing

Doing anything outside when it’s really hot can be uncomfortable, and climbing in hot weather is no exception. You may not get quite as sweaty as you do during other activities, but you’ll still get pretty ripe, and wearing... Read More »

Keeping Climbers Stoked: 2013 Climbing Convergence

Rock Climbing

I just spent the past few days with the rock climbing guide from your local store. And you know what? They’re pretty awesome. Sure they’re quirky, get unusually excited about the smoothness of carabiners, and can be known to... Read More »

Mind over…mind? Confessions of a psyched out rock climber

Rock Climbing

When it comes to climbing, we all have our mental issues and shortcomings. Whether it’s breaking a bad habit like high stepping every foothold, not taking enough time to rest or breathe, or not focusing enough on your footwork,... Read More »

A Look Inside Our New Nashua, NH Store

Backpacking / Cycling / Events

Whether you live in or around Nashua, New Hampshire or you plan to be in the area the weekend of April 12-14, you are cordially invited to the grand opening celebration of our newest store! For locals, this may... Read More »

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