Trail Talk Thursdays: Interview with Jeremy Clark

Backpacking / Conservation / Ideas & Advice

Each Thursday I will feature a person, organization, or cause that benefits or impacts our hiking community. This week I had the pleasure of talking with Jeremy Clark. Jeremy can often be found atop NH’s shortest 4000-footer, Mt Tecumseh.... Read More »

Let’s Bring The Muir Project to Salisbury, Massachusetts!

Events / Outdoor Adventure (Unique lifestyle/travel/personal experience)

Mile…Mile and a Half is an epic adventure film from The Muir Project that deserves to be on the big screen in New England. Earlier this year, I was fortunate enough to see this documentary and I was blown... Read More »

Semper Hike: Two Veterans “Walk Off the War” on the Appalachian Trail


Nearly three months ago Bill, trail-name Glacier, left to hike the Appalachian Trail in search of walking off lingering stress from his previous deployment to Kuwait. The trail is treating him very well. We spoke just before the 4th... Read More »

Safe Hiking Tips|Making Difficult Choices

Ideas & Advice / Uncategorized

When it comes to safe hiking tips, experience really is the best teacher: Five hikers sat patiently on Caribou Valley Road (CVR) waiting for the rain to slow. They discussed multiple routes for the day and checked the NOAA... Read More »

Hiking and Adventure Bucket List

Ideas & Advice

With all this rain we’ve been getting, I’ve been stuck inside a little more than I’d like. I’ve been thinking about all the amazing places and trails I’d love to be on. Some of these trails I already have... Read More »

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