New Hampshire

Travels with Jacey… Hiking Pack Monadnock

Outdoor Adventure (Unique lifestyle/travel/personal experience)

A few weeks ago, we decided to take advantage of the great weather and free schedule and head to Miller State Park for a short hike on Pack Monadnock with some friends. The hike up the Marion Davis trail... Read More »

The Climbers… They are Converging…

Events / Rock Climbing

I am so excited. Today, I will embark on a road trip with three of my other EMS associates to New Hampshire, where, for the next three days, we and 77 others will be immersed in all things rock... Read More »

Celebrating 125 Years of the AMC White Mountain Huts

Backpacking / Events

I saw my first AMC hut on a frigid February afternoon when I was 16. My best memory from that long ago day was how stunned I was to be standing in front of a house after a full... Read More »

Spring Hikes in New England: What are Your Favorites?

Backpacking / Ideas & Advice

Have you been Winter hiking New Hampshire’s 48 high peaks? Good for you! Hitting a 4k in Winter isn’t for everyone and it’s likely the result of much experience and familiarity with the trails. However, Spring is in full... Read More »

Planning a Kid-Friendly Hike

Ideas & Advice

My Boys, with Kid-Sized Camelbak Hydration Packs from their Local EMS Have you ever been out and seen a family with young kids happily tramping along the very same trail that you are proudly grinding your way up? I... Read More »

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