Travels with Jacey… first ski day!

Winter Sports

Jacey turns 2 this Thursday, and I’ve been on a mission to get her on skis by then. Mission accomplished!!

I grew up skiing at Mad River Glen, so there was no question in my mind that Jacey would too. Saturday was a pretty typical ski day for us. I spent the morning skiing, while Mike stayed at my folks’ house with Jacey. We swapped at lunch, and Jacey & I went back up to the mountain so she could tromp around while Mike got an afternoon of skiing. It wasn’t real cold by my standards, but Jacey wasn’t into being outside, so we bailed on the idea of skiing and headed back to the house. I’m working on the theory that forcing Jacey to be outside in cold weather at this young age can only backfire on me… If she enjoys it, she’ll keep doing it. If she hates it, she’ll keep fighting it. And that would be tragic.

Sunday was a whole different story! My brother and his family came over to MRG and we had a toddler party! Five adults, 3 kids under 4. We played games, read books, and ate snacks in the lodge all morning (while the adults switched off ski runs). Afternoon was get-outside time. Baker rode the lift and skied the whole mountain (Congratulations Baker!!) and then all the cousins headed out. We hiked and skied the bottom of the Practice Slope 6-8 times, all with smiles and giggles. Success!

I won’t bore you with the details of what we wore. BUT I do want to share two thoughts about our gear.

#1) The sled was a genius suggestion. It gave me an easy way to get Jacey and her skis from the car to the lodge. At this age, she’s SUPER a slow walker in snow boots – sledding expedited the process and kept us warm. Plus it gave us even more entertainment at the base when they were done skiing.

#2) I should have brought a daypack. There was a LOT of stuff. I ended up shoving it all into our Osprey Poco Plus kid carrier, but I will be bringing my Osprey Mira daypack next time for sure! Its hard to throw skis on your shoulder when wearing a kid carrier – not hard at all with a daypack on! I think the sled and daypack system will be perfect for carrying both my gear and hers, and getting where we need to get happily.

Beth Marchand

Beth's love of skiing and summer camp led her to a career in the outdoors. After spending 13 summers at Girl Scout camp on Lake Winnipesaukee, obtaining degrees in wildlife & environmental education, and working 4 years with NH Project Learning Tree, Beth joined Eastern Mountain Sports. As marketing manager, she handles media & advertising, events & sponsorships, new store openings, conservation projects, and more. On the weekends, Beth and her husband, daughter, and dog can be found roaming the mountains, waters, and woods of Northern New England.