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This year, we headed to VT for a Lesure family Thanksgiving. Typically, we enjoy solid outdoor time before or after a holiday at the ski-house-turned-parents-permanent-residence. This year, due to my sister’s flight schedule, we had the opportunity to hike ON Thanksgiving and then again shortly after!

Thanksgiving day was gorgeous. So, while we waited for Becks to arrive, we headed into the sidecountry of Mad River Glen with dogs and children in tow for a 2-hr hike up a road and down a logging road. Well, that’s what we planned, anyway. We ended up doing some cross-country trekking, having missed the entrance to the logging road. Fortunately, a) Paul had skiied those woods before and knew the area, and b) we were between ski trails and a road, and therefore couldn’t actually get lost!

Oh yes, we also stacked cords of wood. Not having a wood stove myself, I tend to forget how much exercise you can get from such a routine task. I secretly (or not so secretly now, given that this is a public blog) posted this picture solely to celebrate that my daughter was romping in the woods in a dress. I believe Kat Wood used the phrase “girly tomboy”, not a bad way to grow up!

Saturday dawned cold. It had been flurrying, but there wasn’t much snow to speak of. Bad day to ski. Good day for a hike. So, with many more layers on (and even more on the kids), we headed out on into the Phen Basin to stretch our legs and work off the turkey. We made it almost the full 2 miles  to the Catamount Trail junction, but turned around as the kids were getting restless and cold.

What a fun weekend in the woods. Yes, there was lots of food and football, and we mixed in backgammon, a hot tub, and some adult beverages. It was Thanksgiving weekend… But the outdoor time was great fun!

Next adventure? Jacey’s first overnight away as Mike & I spend a night at the Mount Washington Observatory.

Beth Marchand

Beth's love of skiing and summer camp led her to a career in the outdoors. After spending 13 summers at Girl Scout camp on Lake Winnipesaukee, obtaining degrees in wildlife & environmental education, and working 4 years with NH Project Learning Tree, Beth joined Eastern Mountain Sports. As marketing manager, she handles media & advertising, events & sponsorships, new store openings, conservation projects, and more. On the weekends, Beth and her husband, daughter, and dog can be found roaming the mountains, waters, and woods of Northern New England.


  1. December 5, 2012, 7:54 pm

    Great day to get outside! Is that a washed out bridge as the end shot?

  2. Amy Parulis
    December 5, 2012, 2:03 pm

    Super jealous, I would love to do an overnight at the MWO! Have fun

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