Walk Before You Climb: Instructional Climbing Video Series with Joe Kinder

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Walk Before You Climb: Instructional Climbing Video Series with Joe Kinder

At Eastern Mountain Sports, one of our new year’s resolutions for 2013 is to be a better resource to people looking to try new outdoor sports or build on their limited experience. If you’ve never rock climbed before, it’s easy to feel intimidated by all the wild looking climbing equipment and terminology; not to mention, conquering your fear of heights or fear of falling. Thanks to our friend and sponsored athlete, Joe Kinder, we’re kicking off an instructional video series that explains the different types of climbing gear you need to get started as well as some of the basic moves and techniques you’ll need to get where you want to go.

Joe Kinder is one of the most respected climbers in the world and not just because of his considerable talent on the rock. Joe is also a true ambassador for the sport and a passionate cheerleader to anyone thinking about roping up for the first time and reaching for their first hand and foot holds. “Always Psyched” is Joe’s personal motto and you’ll find his enthusiasm and energy throughout the first video about climbing chalk–what it is and why it’s so important to climbers of all abilities. While the video is geared towards people who are new to the sport, veteran climbers will also appreciate Joe’s thoughts on climbing etiquette which we ALL need to keep top of mind.

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Joe and I also want to know what topics YOU’D like to see us cover whether it’s a piece of equipment you’d like to know more about, at move you’re trying to master or advice on overcoming a mental block or physical plateau. I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that if you live in the eastern U.S.,  help is always available at the Eastern Mountain Sports Climb School which offers group and private lessons for ALL abilities.

The Eastern Mountain Sports Climb School can take you from your first time in a harness to some of the most challenging routes in the East.


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