Staying motivated through winter

Outdoor Health and Fitness

I’ve always been a weekend warrior, using my weekends to play hard, and being somewhat lazy mid-week. Turns out I’m not 18 anymore – I need to work to stay in shape to be able to do the activities that I love, the way I want to do them (aka not sucking wind halfway up the Tuckerman Ravine Trail.)

So, for the past few years I’ve been working on staying motivated to exercise mid-week all winter long. Here’s the issue I’ve been working through – indoor exercise machines bore me, I have limited evening hours to go to yoga studios, I can’t bike on snowy roads, and I hate running. Or so I thought.

I recently signed up for the Wapack and Back trail run – a 21.5 mile (yes, 4.7 miles short of a marathon) on hilly, rocky trails, happening 93 days from today. Talk about motivation to run during these cold and windy days! The training is just beginning, the miles are just starting to add up. But there’s a group of like-minded individuals here keeping each other motivated, there are gorgeous places to run right out of our door, I have recently bought really good winter running gear (here’s a great article about the right layers for winter running), and there’s that knowledge that I can’t fake a 21.5 mile run….

Clearly, somewhere in my head, I no longer hate running. And maybe, just maybe, I’ve found that motivation that I needed.

Beth Marchand

Beth's love of skiing and summer camp led her to a career in the outdoors. After spending 13 summers at Girl Scout camp on Lake Winnipesaukee, obtaining degrees in wildlife & environmental education, and working 4 years with NH Project Learning Tree, Beth joined Eastern Mountain Sports. As marketing manager, she handles media & advertising, events & sponsorships, new store openings, conservation projects, and more. On the weekends, Beth and her husband, daughter, and dog can be found roaming the mountains, waters, and woods of Northern New England.